Real Estate and Property Developers Sydney

Greenland Australia has embraced the mission to become one of the most innovative and successful property developers Sydney has to offer. Our vision is to create urban living environments and precincts which exceed client expectations in every way. We seek to deliver highly desirable residential space with access to all the attractions and amenities a great city has to offer.

Sydney truly is a jewel among cities. The iconic and very beautiful harbour draws residents and visitors alike to savour a day on the water or to eat and socialise in one of the fine restaurants or cafes. The stunning Sydney Opera House is a fine venue for cultural pursuits such as a night at the theatre or ballet. Sydney’s Botanic gardens are a haven of beauty and serenity amongst the hustle and bustle of city life.


Greenland’s Centre

Greenland’s Centre is set to take its place as what we believe will be the most outstanding property development Sydney will experience. Its central location with access to all the amenities and the urban transport network will ensure residents will have a lifestyle which fulfils the expectations of even the most sophisticated and urbane city dweller. Outstanding views, quality appointments, natural light and sustainable energy efficient design will ensure residents will enjoy life in the glittering new “Diamond in the Sky”.


Leichhardt Green

Greenland is not a member of the conventional pool of Real Estate Developers previously experienced in Sydney. We seek to create lifestyle options to suit the individual while losing none of the advantages of city life. Leichhardt Green is a new concept for those who aspire to a village lifestyle in an urban setting. Residential apartment complexes will be harmoniously aligned with a plaza, shopping, dining and entertainment facilities with easy access to the city transport network.


Lachlan’s Line

nbh Lachlan’s Line is another project which we believe will transform the idea of what is possible for a property developer in Sydney to deliver. An urban hub with shopping, dining and cultural amenities coupled with green space, a pool and barbecue areas to enable residents to enjoy the relaxed outdoor social life Australia is famous for.