Real Estate and Property Developers Melbourne

Greenland Australia are a relatively new player amongst Melbourne property development companies. We recognise that this wonderful city has always been a very liveable and friendly place and believe we can offer a new and exciting approach to the style of property development Melbourne has to offer. Our aim is to acquire and develop key urban sites in a way which is innovative, modern and sustainable in its approach to urban living; but which also respects the cultural and social milieu of the city.



One of the most crucial challenges facing modern cities is urban sprawl and the resulting infrastructure and transport challenges this brings. Melbourne property developers are faced with the brief of designing and creating residential premises which fulfil the needs of an increasingly urban population. There is a high demand amongst prospective buyers for convenient access to public transport, high quality amenities and on site recreational and leisure facilities. One thing which is often overlooked is that people also want to feel that the apartment or dwelling they buy must feel like “home” and yet must still offer the style, elegance and refinement which will make them proud to welcome visitors. Greenland Australia aspires to be one of the most attuned property developers Melbourne has yet experienced. Our architectural and design teams recognise the need for ecologically friendly, spacious, low maintenance homes with top quality appointments. Good design is crucial if a company is to fulfil the demand for residences which utilise natural light, great views and harmoniously linked living spaces to create a feeling of space.



City dwellers are often hard pressed for time with busy careers and social and family commitments. They appreciate access to shopping, dining and leisure facilities within their home precinct but also like the chance to enjoy the cultural benefits of life within easy travel of Central Melbourne.


Needs & Values

We believe it is crucial that property development companies in Melbourne pay attention to the needs, values and aspirations of prospective buyers and of the wider community. Our residential developments and community precincts offer a pleasurable and rewarding lifestyle choice in an urban location.