Chairman’s Welcome

Chairman’s Welcome

Greenland was established and developed alongside the reform and opening up of China. Through the extraordinary growth in the last 22 years, Greenland has successfully made it into the Fortune Global 500 enterprises and written a splendid chapter filled with both struggles and achievements in its exploration for a new path of reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

It has always been the development strategy of Greenland Group to be aggressive and flexible in a dynamic environment. The stable operation and management of the company guarantees the sustainable development of the company. We have established our own industrial operation mode that focuses on our strongest point whilst simultaneously developing other sectors to give full play to the competitive advantage of the state-owned system and market mechanism, which is what we attribute our strong position in the real estate industry to. We are most proud of our ability to develop a world-renowned brand and a world-class elite team to form the foundation for the development of the Group.

Always sticking to the corporate tenant of ‘Greenland, creating better life’, we have built on the notion of doing what government thinks and satisfy what market demands. Putting quality as our first priority, we build thousands of buildings around the world. Focusing on growth, we made unremitting efforts to promote the development. Understanding our social responsibilities, we built harmonious homes with energy-efficient technology. Seeking harmony, we practiced public welfare to provide warmth and care. Sparing no effort for the future, we will be able to make dreams come true.

Never satisfied, to be stronger; never stopping to be number 1, we always believe that any enterprise that dares to dream and has the ability to realise dreams will undoubtedly create even larger miracles. We feel the pressure and responsibility when we face up to the target of building a competitive and world-class integrated real estate enterprise. Courageous and passionate, Greenland will explore, pursue, create and achieve endless possibilities and write a brilliant new chapter for the future.


Yuliang Zhang
Chairman and President
Greenland Group